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Merry Christmas People!!

 Though I doubt I have any viewers, Merry Christmas! We put the tree up yesterday, it has a gold+red theme and it's a prelit tree -we didn't feel like messing with the tons of lights we have in the basement so...Anyways, it's all new ornaments except for a few that the Step-Dad (Happy Birthday to him, by the way!) had in his room because our stuff got trashed when the basement flooded. But, the tree looks much better then the picture I took -I'm doing a better one later.

 Also, I've got my Christmas shopping done early. Got my mom Native American styled wall hanging and The Lost Symbol -book. Got my StepDad a REALLY NICE Steelers shirt with a too cool design on it. Got my little sister too much stuff to post on here, two of which is for her Zhu Zhu pet. Anyways, I hope they like what they got :). Can't wait. I'm impatient.