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:.Zombie Movies And Tru Blood.:

    Yes, I've already started the countdown to my birthday, in fact, I started it right after my last one. Haha. Why the title? I'll be eighteen which means, in the eyes of the world, I'm an adult. Yipee....-.-... but, I guess something good might come out of it -a job...I hope. Whatever, I guess there's nothing I can do about except deal. Haha.

   Anyways, Piscene is sort of up an running, go check it out, "Friend" us to join :). We are still working out a few kinks and stuff but it's basically there. I think we're going to start of with Mortal Instruments by Casandara Clare -one of the best books ever- but we'll go into more detail on our posts. Anyways, I brought the book club up because I've created a picture for it and I wanted some opinions on it.
Book club image shrunken.???
Well, should we use it or not? Should I go back and create a better one or is it good enough? All clip-art -the book and pieces of tape- are from photobucket. The left image is Marceline and belongs to her not me and the right is me, Piceased, and belongs to me -and my mom for two more months, LOL.

    Okay, so, onto the other stuff. I have recently started a sort of video blog-ish thing on Youtube. I only have one video up at the moment but I am currently working on another -better- one. This is a project of mine to overcome my shyness issue so I'm not totally sure how long it will last either because I win and don't want to anymore or I chicken out. But, it's there for now and keep checking back for the next video because I just have a few bit of kinks to work out of that one.
     So, I recently found a band called Get Scared, it's pretty good, kind of like BVB only BVB pawns all, so that's not really a fair comparison. Haha.

    I bought a double feature movie today at Walmart. It's called 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. I saw the first one, 28 Days, and I kind of liked it -I'm really into the whole zombie thing as long as it's realistic and not totally stupid. So, I'm going to watch them tonight -maybe one tonight and the other tomorrow, depending on how awake I am- but, I'll give the verdict in my next post.
    As I said above, I'm totally into the whole zombie movie/book thing, so, I'm currently working on my own zombie story, taking a break from my other stories. It's going to be about a girl named Sieanna who is an ex-CIA secret agent -assassin- and an almost 18 year old boy named JJ who are both caught up in a locked down town that is infected with a virus called Cadaver that brings the dead back to life...as zombies also called Cadavers. The basic plot is that they find each other, team up and try to get out of the securely locked down town in 24 Hours before the government blows it up to contain the infection. There's a few subplots with a few answers on why the characters act they way the do -like why Sieanna is such a -BEEP- - and a bunch of other stuff...Anyways, I might post a paragraph or two next post. :)

      I rented season 2 of True Blood at the library last week and I love it!! I like "Eric's" new hairstyle and I love the character Godric! He is awesome!! I'm kind of POed that they killed him off, he was probably the best character in the show :(. BRING HIM BACK!! LOL...it's probably impossible though :\.. So, I guess I'll have to go back to Eric and Lafeyette, haha. Seriously, Lafeyette is awesome. I like how he talks, it's too funny! XD
     I noticed that the mall here is selling "Tru Blood", what does it taste like? I mean, I'm not stupid enough to believe it actually tastes like blood -.-..but is it like soda or something? I'm half-tempted to buy it just to see, haha. Just walk down the street with a bottle of it in my hand and randomly hiss at people. XD
   Last thing before I go, does anybody know when season 3 of True Blood comes out on DVD? I can't wait to see it. I heard Godric -it's an obsession, so shut up, haha- makes an appearance :). LOL
    Okay, so, see you people next post :).


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Jan. 19th, 2011 02:07 am (UTC)
In Response
Wooohh!!! ^^ Love the pic as reference to the bookclub. I myself have been reading a massve amount of vampire/zombie/undead novels to last a while, and am currently reading through City of Bones.
Em sent me City of Glass so I shall get started on that as soon as I'm done with the first book. Adreanna, I spoiled City of Glass for myself by reading the back cover. Jace is the brother?!! Aw, crap. I was hoping for a relationship to develop between the two and now they're related. xD But sttill, I think Jace is my favorite character so far. (I think he's Em's too)
If you go to Hot Topic, aside from the 'delicious' candied grubs (The guy behind the counter with dreadlocks and about 10 piercings suggested that I eat them O_o) they do sell this 'blood'. I would buy it and tell you about my experimentation, but I'm nearly positive its candied juice. Bleh. =/
Please do post your Zombie story! I remember the cover you drew for it on FB. As for 20 Weeks Later...I have seen that. Grr. I think the only Zombie type movie I actually like is I Am Legend. And I'm not sure if that counts.
I also haven't seen True Blood (though quite a few people at work are in a rave about it) but I have seen Vampire Diaries. Ironically, I like Damen out of Stephen and any other person on that show. There's just something about his sarcastic surly..ness and the method behind the monster. (Which is probably just all in my head, but still. He's got more character and more and more i find Stephen to be a little of an Edward. T_T
Also love your profile! ^^
Jan. 19th, 2011 02:52 am (UTC)
Re: In Response
I think the movie was pretty good. :\ Oh well. I like Resident Evil too though I don't think many people like it. I just like it because Milla's my favorite actress, haha. True Blood's pretty good if you can get past all the sex scenes, haha. I think HBO goes a little overboard with it on their shows. I've never seen Vampire Diaries, I want to though. I hear it's pretty good.
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