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:.Not So Fatal Addiction.:

Piceased says, "Hello, my name is =beep= and I am an addict."
Group says, "Hello =beep=...what is your addiction?"
Piceased says, "Everything..."
Group stares....and stares....and stares some more...

     Yes, I'll admit it, I have addctions -sitting and thinking really hard on this subject today. No, my addictions aren't fatal and dangerous like drugs or alcohol or anything like that but...they can be kind of...addicting? Haha. So, I'll break it down for you guys.

Photography -- I have a STRONG addiction to photography, if you know me personally, you'd know how bad it is. My camera is superglued to my freaking hand and follows me everywhere. If you would ask my mom, I'm sure she wants to throw it out the window sometimes, she'd probably glare at you and walk away mumbling "Stupid camera..." Haha. But, yes. I have a habit of being left behind a lot due to taking pictures every five seconds when, usually, only about 1/3 of my pictures ever turn out.

Music -- Fa la la!!! Music probably ranks up there with photography. If my headphones are in my ears, don't bother trying to talk to me -it is nearly impossible!! In fact, that's another thing that I drag everywhere with me -my ipod :). Mostly rock and heavy metal with a few country, pop and rap and a little bit of techno. I also listen to a lot of weird music and "bang your head against the wall" music -as my stepdad calls it, muwahaha!  But, I probably keep my poor elderly next door neighbor up all night listening to it -Sorry Ms. =BEEP=!! Anyways, I have at least, last time I counted, a hundred-ten CDs in my room and then there's a few on my ITunes. I've spent uncountable $$ on my CDs (and batteries for the above reason). I also have a harder time thinking/concentrating without music. I think that has something to do with my ADHD but...
   Band Members -- I've recently noticed that when I take an interest in a band I usually turn stalker-ish. I have to investigate thoroughly before I can call myself a fan. I need pictures and I usually end up drawing them...though I rarely post the lame-o drawings. Most of this addiction is for out of USA bands. I think the only US band I've done this with is Black Veil Brides. I've also noticed that most of this addiction centers around guitarists >.< -and Andy Sixx-.

Writing -- I write a lot. Lyrics, Poetry, Stories -journals-. Once an idea pops into my head, my fingers will dance over the keys -annoying the HELL out of my parents- and I can't stop until it's been set down and saved. I write a lot of romance -mushy-, supernatural with a pinch of gore stories. Vampires seem to be my favorite, though I have started a zombie story -inspired by a mixture of Resident Evil and 28 Days Later (saw part two, it was pretty cool (: ).

Drawing -- I draw a lot, though, this addiction isn't a major as the others. I draw a lot, mostly to design the characters of my stories outfits on paper, so the mental image I have can be shown to the world. I have the bad habit of hiding one of the eyes because I'm too lazy and don't have the patience to match the eyes up but that seems to be a favorite thing of my mom -and friend.

Walking -- I like to walk -though it don't help much on the weight >.<- as long as it isn't geared towards doing something boring -going to the store-. I could walk laps around my block from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep if I was aloud.
   Moving -- I think this has something to do with my ADHD. I can't sit for to long without getting aggitated or frustrated easily. When I watch a movie, I'll make up excuses to get up -drink, bathroom, etc- and move.

Zombies, Vampires, Ect. -- Yes, I have a supernatural/undead addiction -like most people these days. Most of my books and movies have to do with the subject. Hell, I'll watch a movie just because it has to do with vampires -though I can't stand the Lost Boys series >.<-!

Anime and Manga -- I have a lot of this stuff. I nearly CRIED when the one store around this town that sold the books closed then I almost cried when the one store that sold the DVDs closed. So, now I've resorted to the internet. But, seriously, this stuff is AWESOME!!!

   I think that's my addiction list. I have mentioned above that I have ADHD, it's not a joke. I've had it since I was...four, I think. It used to be really bad to the point I'd literally jump from a couch to my mom's bed and repeat. Having a illness, mental or not -serious or not serious-, is something I RARELY joke about.

   I think, last post that I said something about posting a part of my zombie story on here? I usually keep my promises so, here it is and if I have the wrong one, I'll post the right on next time :).

The Cadaver Series -- Book 1: 24 Hours -- Chapter Three
JJ's POV --

I stood outside the showers, waiting for her to come out. The door opened and she stared at me. I swallowed back a gasp. Her hair, once beautiful and long, was now short, uneven and oddly attractive. Bangs curled down her forhead, hanging unevenly abover her eyes. The rest was cut slightly shorter in the back then the front.
    She glared.
"What?" She snarled.
"Your hair." I whispered, loosing my train of thought. She rolled her eyes.
"It was time for change." I shook my head, gaining my thoughts back.
"You knew about this." I hissed. She pushed past me.
"About what?"
"What's going on -above."
"I had an idea at first but, that video with William," She shook her head. "I know, yes."
"Why didn't you say anything?" She stopped, at the end of the hall. I had a feeling she forgot the direction or where we were. She turned.
"I couldn't." She said then looked down. "It's partially my fault."
"Your fault? What the hell did you do?" She turned and continued walking.
"I didn't stop them." I stopped, suddenly feeling bad for no apparent reason. She left me. That's when I realized she was going the wrong way.


So that's the section. It's a first draft, I still didn't work out the kinks yet...It's a little weird so be nice with the criticism please :). I actually use a lot of other movies as reference -Conspiracy movies, CIA, Cops, Zombie Movies, anything I could find as I helpful hand. I want my stories as real as possible, like the stories I enjoy reading. No, I don't really believe that there is a CIA assasin HQ or there's a chance of a zombie apocalypse anytime soon -though I think I'd be prepared all the movies I watch, haha. I also try to put as much detail in as possible on the impossible dream that one day one of my stories will be a movie, I want it to be just as I imagined. Haha

ALSO!!! Piscene (the book club by me and my friend) has now put our first review up!!! Go check it out!! We'll be moving onto the next books soon, so hurry up and JOIN US!!! LOL. Thanks!