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 Okay, so I've noticed that I've begun to get on people's nerves dragging my IPod EVERYWHERE -and not just the family. I was on the bus the other day going shopping and I was listening to my IPod and the guy sitting in front of me kept looking back and giving me dirty looks. Haha. I don't think it was his kind of music...Ahhhh, old people just don't get the beauty of metal :\... LOL. Anyways, there was another one a week or two ago -I think- that  kept slowly moving away from me -Screamo that time- and giving me almost horrified looks.
  I'd stop but I need music. I've noticed that I'm much calmer and relaxed when music I like is playing. It was a sort of...uh...test (?) I did to myself at the store the other day -same day as the dirty look guy-. The store was crowded -REALLY crowded- and I kept taking out the headphones for a few minutes then putting them back in. I noticed myself getting angrier quicker when there wasn't any music and that I had more patience with people when I WAS listening to it. I also noticed that I go to sleep quicker with music then I do with silence -but that's probably everybody. Another thing I noticed is that I can think better with music, for example, when I'm doing my school work in silence I get bored quicker and end up ditching it until last minute and doing the work before I go to sleep but when I'm listening it gets done --FAST.
   ANYWAYS, bottom line, I'm better with music then without it. So, there's going to be a question here that I want anyone reading this to answer -I don't care if you're just stalking my page (like I do to some people XD) but please comment!!-. The question is; What is music to you?

  Okay, so, that's pretty much it. I'll be getting a new VLog up on sie YouTube soon. :) Be on sie look out! LOL. I'm a little hyper right now and semi-bored. I'll be logging off in a minute to read more Linger for the book club. Okay, so, night!!! :)