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 Okay, so I've noticed that I've begun to get on people's nerves dragging my IPod EVERYWHERE -and not just the family. I was on the bus the other day going shopping and I was listening to my IPod and the guy sitting in front of me kept looking back and giving me dirty looks. Haha. I don't think it was his kind of music...Ahhhh, old people just don't get the beauty of metal :\... LOL. Anyways, there was another one a week or two ago -I think- that  kept slowly moving away from me -Screamo that time- and giving me almost horrified looks.
  I'd stop but I need music. I've noticed that I'm much calmer and relaxed when music I like is playing. It was a sort of...uh...test (?) I did to myself at the store the other day -same day as the dirty look guy-. The store was crowded -REALLY crowded- and I kept taking out the headphones for a few minutes then putting them back in. I noticed myself getting angrier quicker when there wasn't any music and that I had more patience with people when I WAS listening to it. I also noticed that I go to sleep quicker with music then I do with silence -but that's probably everybody. Another thing I noticed is that I can think better with music, for example, when I'm doing my school work in silence I get bored quicker and end up ditching it until last minute and doing the work before I go to sleep but when I'm listening it gets done --FAST.
   ANYWAYS, bottom line, I'm better with music then without it. So, there's going to be a question here that I want anyone reading this to answer -I don't care if you're just stalking my page (like I do to some people XD) but please comment!!-. The question is; What is music to you?

  Okay, so, that's pretty much it. I'll be getting a new VLog up on sie YouTube soon. :) Be on sie look out! LOL. I'm a little hyper right now and semi-bored. I'll be logging off in a minute to read more Linger for the book club. Okay, so, night!!! :)

:.Not So Fatal Addiction.:

Piceased says, "Hello, my name is =beep= and I am an addict."
Group says, "Hello =beep=...what is your addiction?"
Piceased says, "Everything..."
Group stares....and stares....and stares some more...

     Yes, I'll admit it, I have addctions -sitting and thinking really hard on this subject today. No, my addictions aren't fatal and dangerous like drugs or alcohol or anything like that but...they can be kind of...addicting? Haha. So, I'll break it down for you guys.

Photography -- I have a STRONG addiction to photography, if you know me personally, you'd know how bad it is. My camera is superglued to my freaking hand and follows me everywhere. If you would ask my mom, I'm sure she wants to throw it out the window sometimes, she'd probably glare at you and walk away mumbling "Stupid camera..." Haha. But, yes. I have a habit of being left behind a lot due to taking pictures every five seconds when, usually, only about 1/3 of my pictures ever turn out.

Music -- Fa la la!!! Music probably ranks up there with photography. If my headphones are in my ears, don't bother trying to talk to me -it is nearly impossible!! In fact, that's another thing that I drag everywhere with me -my ipod :). Mostly rock and heavy metal with a few country, pop and rap and a little bit of techno. I also listen to a lot of weird music and "bang your head against the wall" music -as my stepdad calls it, muwahaha!  But, I probably keep my poor elderly next door neighbor up all night listening to it -Sorry Ms. =BEEP=!! Anyways, I have at least, last time I counted, a hundred-ten CDs in my room and then there's a few on my ITunes. I've spent uncountable $$ on my CDs (and batteries for the above reason). I also have a harder time thinking/concentrating without music. I think that has something to do with my ADHD but...
   Band Members -- I've recently noticed that when I take an interest in a band I usually turn stalker-ish. I have to investigate thoroughly before I can call myself a fan. I need pictures and I usually end up drawing them...though I rarely post the lame-o drawings. Most of this addiction is for out of USA bands. I think the only US band I've done this with is Black Veil Brides. I've also noticed that most of this addiction centers around guitarists >.< -and Andy Sixx-.

Writing -- I write a lot. Lyrics, Poetry, Stories -journals-. Once an idea pops into my head, my fingers will dance over the keys -annoying the HELL out of my parents- and I can't stop until it's been set down and saved. I write a lot of romance -mushy-, supernatural with a pinch of gore stories. Vampires seem to be my favorite, though I have started a zombie story -inspired by a mixture of Resident Evil and 28 Days Later (saw part two, it was pretty cool (: ).

Drawing -- I draw a lot, though, this addiction isn't a major as the others. I draw a lot, mostly to design the characters of my stories outfits on paper, so the mental image I have can be shown to the world. I have the bad habit of hiding one of the eyes because I'm too lazy and don't have the patience to match the eyes up but that seems to be a favorite thing of my mom -and friend.

Walking -- I like to walk -though it don't help much on the weight >.<- as long as it isn't geared towards doing something boring -going to the store-. I could walk laps around my block from the minute I woke up to the minute I went to sleep if I was aloud.
   Moving -- I think this has something to do with my ADHD. I can't sit for to long without getting aggitated or frustrated easily. When I watch a movie, I'll make up excuses to get up -drink, bathroom, etc- and move.

Zombies, Vampires, Ect. -- Yes, I have a supernatural/undead addiction -like most people these days. Most of my books and movies have to do with the subject. Hell, I'll watch a movie just because it has to do with vampires -though I can't stand the Lost Boys series >.<-!

Anime and Manga -- I have a lot of this stuff. I nearly CRIED when the one store around this town that sold the books closed then I almost cried when the one store that sold the DVDs closed. So, now I've resorted to the internet. But, seriously, this stuff is AWESOME!!!

   I think that's my addiction list. I have mentioned above that I have ADHD, it's not a joke. I've had it since I was...four, I think. It used to be really bad to the point I'd literally jump from a couch to my mom's bed and repeat. Having a illness, mental or not -serious or not serious-, is something I RARELY joke about.

   I think, last post that I said something about posting a part of my zombie story on here? I usually keep my promises so, here it is and if I have the wrong one, I'll post the right on next time :).

The Cadaver Series -- Book 1: 24 Hours -- Chapter Three
JJ's POV --

I stood outside the showers, waiting for her to come out. The door opened and she stared at me. I swallowed back a gasp. Her hair, once beautiful and long, was now short, uneven and oddly attractive. Bangs curled down her forhead, hanging unevenly abover her eyes. The rest was cut slightly shorter in the back then the front.
    She glared.
"What?" She snarled.
"Your hair." I whispered, loosing my train of thought. She rolled her eyes.
"It was time for change." I shook my head, gaining my thoughts back.
"You knew about this." I hissed. She pushed past me.
"About what?"
"What's going on -above."
"I had an idea at first but, that video with William," She shook her head. "I know, yes."
"Why didn't you say anything?" She stopped, at the end of the hall. I had a feeling she forgot the direction or where we were. She turned.
"I couldn't." She said then looked down. "It's partially my fault."
"Your fault? What the hell did you do?" She turned and continued walking.
"I didn't stop them." I stopped, suddenly feeling bad for no apparent reason. She left me. That's when I realized she was going the wrong way.


So that's the section. It's a first draft, I still didn't work out the kinks yet...It's a little weird so be nice with the criticism please :). I actually use a lot of other movies as reference -Conspiracy movies, CIA, Cops, Zombie Movies, anything I could find as I helpful hand. I want my stories as real as possible, like the stories I enjoy reading. No, I don't really believe that there is a CIA assasin HQ or there's a chance of a zombie apocalypse anytime soon -though I think I'd be prepared all the movies I watch, haha. I also try to put as much detail in as possible on the impossible dream that one day one of my stories will be a movie, I want it to be just as I imagined. Haha

ALSO!!! Piscene (the book club by me and my friend) has now put our first review up!!! Go check it out!! We'll be moving onto the next books soon, so hurry up and JOIN US!!! LOL. Thanks!

:.Zombie Movies And Tru Blood.:

    Yes, I've already started the countdown to my birthday, in fact, I started it right after my last one. Haha. Why the title? I'll be eighteen which means, in the eyes of the world, I'm an adult. Yipee....-.-... but, I guess something good might come out of it -a job...I hope. Whatever, I guess there's nothing I can do about except deal. Haha.

   Anyways, Piscene is sort of up an running, go check it out, "Friend" us to join :). We are still working out a few kinks and stuff but it's basically there. I think we're going to start of with Mortal Instruments by Casandara Clare -one of the best books ever- but we'll go into more detail on our posts. Anyways, I brought the book club up because I've created a picture for it and I wanted some opinions on it.
Book club image shrunken.???
Well, should we use it or not? Should I go back and create a better one or is it good enough? All clip-art -the book and pieces of tape- are from photobucket. The left image is Marceline and belongs to her not me and the right is me, Piceased, and belongs to me -and my mom for two more months, LOL.

    Okay, so, onto the other stuff. I have recently started a sort of video blog-ish thing on Youtube. I only have one video up at the moment but I am currently working on another -better- one. This is a project of mine to overcome my shyness issue so I'm not totally sure how long it will last either because I win and don't want to anymore or I chicken out. But, it's there for now and keep checking back for the next video because I just have a few bit of kinks to work out of that one.
     So, I recently found a band called Get Scared, it's pretty good, kind of like BVB only BVB pawns all, so that's not really a fair comparison. Haha.

    I bought a double feature movie today at Walmart. It's called 28 Days Later and 28 Weeks Later. I saw the first one, 28 Days, and I kind of liked it -I'm really into the whole zombie thing as long as it's realistic and not totally stupid. So, I'm going to watch them tonight -maybe one tonight and the other tomorrow, depending on how awake I am- but, I'll give the verdict in my next post.
    As I said above, I'm totally into the whole zombie movie/book thing, so, I'm currently working on my own zombie story, taking a break from my other stories. It's going to be about a girl named Sieanna who is an ex-CIA secret agent -assassin- and an almost 18 year old boy named JJ who are both caught up in a locked down town that is infected with a virus called Cadaver that brings the dead back to life...as zombies also called Cadavers. The basic plot is that they find each other, team up and try to get out of the securely locked down town in 24 Hours before the government blows it up to contain the infection. There's a few subplots with a few answers on why the characters act they way the do -like why Sieanna is such a -BEEP- - and a bunch of other stuff...Anyways, I might post a paragraph or two next post. :)

      I rented season 2 of True Blood at the library last week and I love it!! I like "Eric's" new hairstyle and I love the character Godric! He is awesome!! I'm kind of POed that they killed him off, he was probably the best character in the show :(. BRING HIM BACK!! LOL...it's probably impossible though :\.. So, I guess I'll have to go back to Eric and Lafeyette, haha. Seriously, Lafeyette is awesome. I like how he talks, it's too funny! XD
     I noticed that the mall here is selling "Tru Blood", what does it taste like? I mean, I'm not stupid enough to believe it actually tastes like blood -.-..but is it like soda or something? I'm half-tempted to buy it just to see, haha. Just walk down the street with a bottle of it in my hand and randomly hiss at people. XD
   Last thing before I go, does anybody know when season 3 of True Blood comes out on DVD? I can't wait to see it. I heard Godric -it's an obsession, so shut up, haha- makes an appearance :). LOL
    Okay, so, see you people next post :).

Piscene::Book Club

My friend and I have created a book club. You're welcome to check it out. Just look up Piscene right here on LJ! An actual update on my not so exciting life will be on tonight. Thanks to all my viewers :)!!

Happy New Year!!!

New Hair   
I'm kind of POed right now with a certain someone, so forgive any mispellings or punctuation fails. Thanks :).

     So, this is my new hair :). It's a weird mix up and not how I originally wanted it but I still like it. Originally it was supposed to be long in the back and really short in the front with bangs similair to how they're cut now but a little longer but the girl said the reference picture was "confusing" 0.o...Whatever. Haha. The dye wasn't what I had in mind but it's not easy to keep the colors separated. The dye was supposed to look like Strify's from Cinema Bizarre. This is Strify - I LOVE his hair :) But, oh well. It's still not the usual flat black. Haha. I'm also a little sick in the picture so my cheeks are a little red.
    ANYWAYS!! Goods and Bads of the year -for me at least. I've recently found a few bands that my metal head / rocker viewers -if I have any-  should look up and avoid. First, let's start with the bad. AVOID, AT ALL COSTS, Blood on the Dancefloor!!! I don't give a crap how popular it is with "scene"ies. They SUCK!! All they really sing about is sex and that's it. The singers voice is seriously annoying. Worst mistake of my 2010 year, looking them up!! Okay, now that I've got that off my chest -and out of my ears- you need to look up a band called Seremedy!! They don't have a deal and aren't very popular -I doubt anyone else in my town has even HEARD of them- but they're really good. I really recommend looking up their song Distant F**ker and Bulletproof Roulette -and not the live versions until you've heard the originals. This year I've also heard of Black Veil Brides and I bow to the strangers who introduced me to that WONDERFUL band. I LOVE Andy Sixx. His voice is awesome and it's transition into screamo is great!  I hope they come to J-Town, I WOULD KILLLLL to see them live. I've also found a few other bands you should look up, A Perfect Circle, Escape The Fate, Bring Me The Horizon -not for metal haters- and Rise Against.
       A movie I DO NOT recommend, Repo Men, kinda slow and boring. The acting was a bit awkward too. A few movies I DO recommend, Resident Evil: Afterlife. If you can get past the fact that they greenscreen most of the movie and the seemingly ripped off scenes and lack of original action, it's really a good movie. It's also slightly heartbreaking that they **SPOILER (highlight to see) took the T-Virus out of Alice***  and they didn't go through with finding a cure as they said Alice would in the last movie but I think the new creature, I think his name is Executioner??, makes up for that completely!! He seriously scared the hell out of me!! If I seen that thing coming at me, I'd totally jump off a cliff!! Haha. I also, obviously, recommend Twilight Saga: Eclipse and Alice, both GREAT movies! Eclipse is probably my favorite of the series yet, though it's upsetting that they cut a few of my favorite parts from the book out.

    I think I've met my twin sister in 2010, still trying to grill it out of Mom, haha. Caitlyn aka MarcelineVamp, we're so much a like that it's scary and I don't think I've ever had a friend like her!!  We'll be moving soon so I doubt I'll update you as much, so, if I don't post again soon Happy, Merry, Have A Great whatever's next!! <3 <3 Goodbye 2010 HELLOO 2011!!! Happy New Year everybody and Happy 72nd birthday to my awesome grammy!!

Merry Christmas People!!

 Though I doubt I have any viewers, Merry Christmas! We put the tree up yesterday, it has a gold+red theme and it's a prelit tree -we didn't feel like messing with the tons of lights we have in the basement so...Anyways, it's all new ornaments except for a few that the Step-Dad (Happy Birthday to him, by the way!) had in his room because our stuff got trashed when the basement flooded. But, the tree looks much better then the picture I took -I'm doing a better one later.

 Also, I've got my Christmas shopping done early. Got my mom Native American styled wall hanging and The Lost Symbol -book. Got my StepDad a REALLY NICE Steelers shirt with a too cool design on it. Got my little sister too much stuff to post on here, two of which is for her Zhu Zhu pet. Anyways, I hope they like what they got :). Can't wait. I'm impatient.

:.Things Are Looking Up.:

We've upgraded from dial-up (ick) to high-speed (boo-ya!), my ipod FINALLY works and Christmas is a week and a half away. :) I'm happy and I'm not Bahumbug-in' it this year. LOL. Still cold though. Haha.

Milanna on the Christmas train at the mall.My little sissy on "Santa Express". Haha. Look at that smile :).
Photography of my little sister.On of my "sessions". Not much snow on the ground, as you can see, but Milanna insisted on making snow angels. Haha. :).

:.Where the Hell Is My HEAT!!??.:

I'm seriously freezing my @$$ off here. Oh, so we had a heat waze of 15F..whoop-de-ding! I also have a cold -haha- so I'm freaking miserable. Okay, so I was the fool asking for winter in the summer but seriously, is there NO in between in the stupid town!?? You either get extremely hot and humid or freezing your butt of cold. I'm moving to Florida >:\...

ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, LOL, yes there is one. I got new clothes!! Yay. I get to toss my ripped up crap for a new pair of jeans, a sweater and a hoddy!!! LOOK BELOWWWW-- :)

AHHH!! >.< Look away. Haha. ANYWAYS, I got tons of new movies -ANI-ME!!- and new shoes -pics of those later.

The picture below is of a cute birdy that my evil creature known as Salem the cat, LOL, got ahold of. NO IT'S NOT DEAD!! LOL. It's wing was all she got. I took it and fixed it then let it go. It was cute and it didn't try to bite me!! I wanted to keep it but mom said nope. :\

:.The Angel-Demon.:

  Hello. First entry. Doesn't make you feel all bubbly inside? Haha. So, here's a bit about me that I DIDN'T put on the profile page.

I'm an angel and a demon, it varies from time to time depending on my mood. I can be the nicest person you'd ever meet but the worst enemy if you get on my bad side. I absolutely hate fake  people, they get on my nerves. My "dream" is to be a photographer so you might often find pics I've taken on here :). I'm on my last year of school -bo-to the-ya!-. I have an extremely low self esteem, so don't be surprised if I post some self-hating blah blah bull crap. LOL. I have elf ears -my ears are kinda pointy- and a z shaped scar on my head -not even joking- though it's kinda hard to see unless you're standing right in front of me.. I'm a Twilight fan but I'm not nutso like most of them. Haha. I love vampires and anything else fictional. I hate non-fiction books unless it's about natural disasters or ghosts. I have a small circle of friends (4) but I'm extremely loyal to them. Hurt them and you're on my bad side. Anyways, that's me. Love me or hate me, it's still an obsession. Haha. Hate who I am but don't try to erase me :p.